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When wednesday felt like monday.

2 Sep

Considering it’s been months and months and months since my last post, let me get you up to speed:

Finally convinced (enough to forge ahead with the plan anyway) my husband that we so.totally.need.chickens.please.and.thank.you.  So, I purchased six chicks in very early May and raised them in the basement while Lee was busy constructing their future home: a la cluck-de-ville, the chicken tractor.

Once the chicken tractor was completed, we were able to move the chicks outside.  Six hens turned into five, as SURPRISE, one was a rooster.  Mr. Rooster had to go…if you know what I’m saying.

FAST FORWARD: The date is now Wednesday, September 2nd, and I’ve been checking the coop for a random egg pretty regularly now, as everything I’ve read indicates laying begins anywhere from 4-6 months.

The chicks are just over four months, so I knew it was coming but still couldn’t contain my excitement when I found THE VERY FIRST EGG this morning!  I may have made weird, whooping noises while running the egg into the house where it would be cleaned off and prepared for its first ever photo (it’s 2015, people).

In my haste and excitement to rush through the cleaning process, I somehow managed to drop the egg on the tiled floor.  Seriously, this really happened.  This is the very first egg my girls worked so hard to produce, and I smashed it all over the kitchen floor.  WHAT IS LIFE?!  Better luck tomorrow, hopefully.