And so it continues.

28 Mar

My seedlings are taking off, people.  I can hardly wait to get home at night and check on their progress.  It’s quite sad, really.

ImageMy broccoli babies and two tomato trays on the right.

I’m ridiculously proud of them.  The tomatoes?  Mehh…they could be better, but they could also be more disappointing.  So whatevs.  Maybe the tomatoes know how proud I am of the broccoli and therefore feel like they can’t even begin to compete, so why bother?


I love looking at the herbs growing on the windowsill.  It feels magical or something.  I’m helping these herbs to grow by channeling my inner Harry Potter, putting spells on them each and every night.  It’s awesome.

The onions are also doing pretty well, I just didn’t take a picture of them.  They’ll probably all die now.  Oops.

More seeds have also been started indoors:

March 25, 2013

  • Gurney’s Tomato, Hybrid Early Girl (days to maturity : 52)
  • Gurney’s Tomato, Hybrid Baby Girls (days to maturity : 62)
  • Gurney’s Hot Pepper, Hybrid Primo Jalapeño (days to maturity : 70)
  • Gurney’s Hot Pepper, Thai Super Chili Hybrid (days to maturity : 75)
  • Gurney’s Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Bell Boy (days to maturity : 70)
  • Gurney’s Eggplant, Hybrid Twilight (days to maturity : 62)
  • Gurney’s Brussels Sprouts, Hybrid Royal Marvel (days to maturity : 120)
  • Gurney’s Cauliflower, Hybrid Snow Crown (days to maturity : 55)

A grow light has been ordered as we’re running out of sunny window space.  A greenhouse would be so handy.  Future backyard project?  Put it on the list!


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