And so it begins.

14 Mar

Garden 2013 is now underway.  Can I get a wootwoot?!  So, in order to better keep track of just what the heck is going on growing wise this year (and also because I’m mildly obsessed with list making), I am going to make a list! Of things I have planted! Wootwoot again?! Or too much, maybe too much…

Moving on…

March 13, 2013

1. Planted herbs for indoor pots (seeds from 2012 season, so we will see what happens)

  • Burpee Cilantro (harvest 60-90 days)
  • Burpee Thyme, Common (harvest 180-200 days)
  • Burpee Parsley (harvest 40-60 days)
  • Burpee Sweet Basil (harvest 60-90 days)
  • Burpee Dill, Fernleaf (harvest 40-60 days)
  • Burpee Oregano (harvest 90-200 days)

2.  Started various seeds indoors

  • Burpee Tomato, Super Beefsteak (two trays : harvest 80 days)
  • Burpee Broccoli, Major Hybrid (three trays : harvest 43 days)
  • Burpee Onion, Evergreen Long White Bunching (seven trays : harvest baby scallions in 60 days and full sized green onions in 120 days

Note: Broccoli is from 2012 season, Onions – 2011(!!) Tomatoes – 2013

Crossing my fingers that these babies will sprout because I am so flippin’ excited!



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