Plan b.

31 Jan

I had big plans for this evening.  Plans involving acorn squash, manicotti shells, a camera, plus some other random items.  The plan went something like this: attempt this new butternut squash (I was totally going to substitute acorn squash…because that’s what I had) manicotti recipe, take a ton of photos for a little how-to type thing, blog about it.  Foolproof, right?  Wrong.  

As it turns out, something like 80% of the manicotti shells split open either before or during the ‘stuffing’ process.  Okay, plan B it is.  So, because I’m ridiculously imaginative and incredibly adaptable (but mainly because I didn’t want to waste all this food), I created this um…awesome?…lasagna layered type dish using manicotti scraps alternated with layers of the shell filling.  Not that bad, actually.  Not pretty at all, but I would say it was somewhat of a success?  

Just don’t ask to see pictures.  


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