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Plan b.

31 Jan

I had big plans for this evening.  Plans involving acorn squash, manicotti shells, a camera, plus some other random items.  The plan went something like this: attempt this new butternut squash (I was totally going to substitute acorn squash…because that’s what I had) manicotti recipe, take a ton of photos for a little how-to type thing, blog about it.  Foolproof, right?  Wrong.  

As it turns out, something like 80% of the manicotti shells split open either before or during the ‘stuffing’ process.  Okay, plan B it is.  So, because I’m ridiculously imaginative and incredibly adaptable (but mainly because I didn’t want to waste all this food), I created this um…awesome?…lasagna layered type dish using manicotti scraps alternated with layers of the shell filling.  Not that bad, actually.  Not pretty at all, but I would say it was somewhat of a success?  

Just don’t ask to see pictures.  


Add it to the list.

22 Jan

Wohoo!  I’ve finished my first book of 2013: The Quarter-Acre Farm by Spring Warren.  And, you guys, it was a fabulous read.

In the book, Warren turns her suburban yard into various garden beds in an effort to support 75% of her family’s diet with homegrown produce…for an entire year!  Warren tells her gardening tales in an interesting and comical way.  She discusses what went right with her adventure, but more importantly, what went wrong.  Her mistakes (and awesome problem-resolution skills) lead just-starting-out homesteaders, like myself, to believe that maybe…just maybe…we can do it, too.

Quarter-Acre Farm

A list of things to accomplish tomorrow.

14 Jan

NOTE: In somewhat of an order, but may be rearranged to reach a higher level of accomplishment.

  1. Email photographer about setting up a time for an engagement photo shoot
  2. Reserve a block of hotel rooms
  3. Continue AND complete remaining laundry
  4. De-clutter the house (I don’t care how it’s done, just make it go away)
  5. Clean out the “craft room” so that it might someday actually become the “craft room”
  6. Email decorator about vintage blue mason jars as possible centerpieces (this would probably work better as #3, but whatever)
  7. Clean the poor cat’s litter box
  8. Make laundry soap using the new recipe I recently discovered (liquid vs powder)

That’s probably enough for one day.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.